Spiritual Manhood equips men to be leaders centered in Christ, focused on Scripture and desiring God’s own heart.

What is a man of God? What does a man after God’s own heart look like? Is there a specific role that the Bible lays out for men? What is it? Are men to be leaders? What is their place in their families, their communities, their churches?

These are questions facing the contemporary man in our society today as they struggle with who and what they are, and who and what they are to be. The blessing of Scripture is that God does not leave these questions unanswered. Instead, through His Word, He teaches us important lessons about the men we need to be, and how we are to take on the role of husband and father, son and friend, how we are to balance the place of being a leader and a servant to others, and what are relationships should look like. He offers us real and tangible examples of how we are to mentor and encourage others as we, ourselves grow. He does it with objective, foundational truth that transcends the wisdom of our post-modern society that points to a timeless understanding of what manhood is.

Spiritual Manhood was founded with the intention of exploring these truths with men. Considering the present struggles and challenges that men face, it seeks to embark on a journey with them to discover God’s truth for their lives as they strive to be who their Heavenly Father intends them to be as His children redeemed in Christ and transformed by the power of the Spirit.



Wyatt McIntyre
Founder/Executive Director



Matthew J. Cochran
Director of the Fatherhood Initiative



Christopher N. Croom
Director of Cultural Engagment/President Cross & Culture



Daniel Daugherty
Director of Discipleship