Redemption Story: Wrongly Accused


Genesis 39:6b-23

Questions for Reflection

  • What bad circumstance in your life has turned out to be a blessing in disguise?
  • Have you ever been falsely accused even when what you actually did was the right thing?
  • Put yourself in Joseph's place and honestly answer, do you think you would recognize God's presence and blessing during the low moments?


Up to this point in the story of Joseph, we’ve seen a lot of ups and downs. He’s gone from being the favorite son of his father, to the hated brother who was sold into slavery, back to being favored in the house of Potiphar. But we’re not done riding this roller coaster yet.


Joseph has been given everything. He’s in control of all of Potiphar’s affairs and he can have anything he wants. Well, not everything. You see, Potiphar has a wife, and she thinks Joseph is quite handsome. Potiphar was usually off doing important things, leaving Joseph in charge, so this caused the master’s wife to let her mind wander. She wanted Joseph and she told him so. Being the wife of a powerful man, she was probably used to getting what she wanted. But Joseph, being an honorable man of God, was not going to fish in another man’s pond, so to speak. He would not disrespect his master or sin against God.


As you may have experienced, choosing to do the right thing does not always lead to the best results immediately. It may lead to ridicule, or punishment, or isolation. In the case of Joseph, it led to lies and false accusations that landed him in prison. From man in charge to wrongly locked up among the king’s prisoners. This is not where Joseph probably thought his honesty and loyalty would take him. I can imagine it was very disheartening to know he had done the right thing only to be punished for a crime he didn’t commit.


“But, the Lord was with Joseph,” as He was all throughout the story up to this point. He never left Joseph and He continued to bless him, even when he was locked away. Before Joseph knew it, he had found favor once again, this time with the keeper of the prison. Joseph was back in charge, but this time he was in charge of the prison. The Lord was with him and all that he did succeeded.


God’s blessings don’t always look the way we expect them to. It makes sense to us that Joseph was blessed by God when he was being given a fine coat by his father. It even makes sense that God was blessing him in Egypt because he was set in charge over Potiphar’s estate. What takes more effort to wrap our minds around, is the notion that God was blessing Joseph by putting him in charge of the prison that he was only in because of lies. That’s the mystery of God though, isn’t it? A blessing doesn’t always look like a blessing.