Redemption Story: Master of the House


Genesis 39:1-6

Questions for Reflection

  • Have you ever found favor with someone because they recognized God's favor on you?
  • Reflect on highs and lows in your life. Where was God at work in each circumstance?
  • Who in your life right now needs an encouraging word because they don't feel the presence of God?


In the story of Joseph, there are a lot of ups and downs. In fact, the lows are very low, and the highs are very high. There isn’t much in between when it comes to the life of Joseph. That’s one fact that makes his story so interesting for us to read. Yet one thing remains consistent throughout the roller coaster ride up and down, God’s presence. The author of Genesis is careful to point out in good times and in bad, that God was present with Joseph.


Having been sold by his own brothers to some passersby, Joseph finds himself a slave. He’s not just anyone’s servant though. Joseph lands himself in the household of Pharaoh's righthand man, Potiphar. Imagine, if you will, being scared at the bottom of a well that your siblings threw you down, terrified as you’re taking into a foreign, unknown land, and the relief you may have felt after realizing that your time as a servant would be in a cushy gig (as far as slave jobs go, anyway). The roller coaster once again ascends for Joseph as he is finds favor with Potiphar and is put in charge of all things in the house.


It should not be overlooked that this passage in Genesis mentions that all of Potiphar’s success was given to him by God, on behalf of Joseph, and that Potiphar took notice of this. With all that Joseph had gone through, it might have not always been obvious to him that God was present, but it was not  overlooked by others. Potiphar fully recognized exactly why Joseph was special and that’s exactly why he put him in charge of so much. He knew he could trust Joseph because Joseph had God’s favor and that he himself would be blessed because of Joseph’s standing with the Lord. Potiphar put God’s man in charge of all he had because he knew a trustworthy person when he saw one.


When I think of my own life, I can relate a bit to this part of Joseph’s life. At times, it wasn’t obvious to me that God was present with me, but it was recognized by others. When I outright felt like the Lord was absent from me, He had trusted people in my life tell me that they saw God’s favor and calling on my life. In the overall story of life, sometimes we won’t feel God or know He’s with us, but there will be others who have their eyes open and whether they tell us or not, they see Him at work.