Our Line-Up

| Wyatt | February 16, 2021

It’s an exciting time right now! The launch of Spiritual Manhood has been a long time coming with a few false starts along the way. Now though, we are ready to get going.

You might be asking yourself “What sort of line-up is planned?” Well, we have a lot planned for the coming weeks, and months. Right now, we have three major things going on. The first is the Spiritual Manhood Podcast. Every Monday a new Episode will be released through this site. It will also be available on iTunes and Google Play. You can listen right now to the first episode, an introduction to Spiritual Manhood.

The second is the Lessons section. Every Wednesday morning there is a plan to release a new lesson in series. Right now the plan is to work through lessons in leadership found in the book of Nehemiah. This will be a multi-week study with reflection questions and key points to focus your thoughts on.

Finally, the third is the Devotions section. These will be written by Matthew Cochran, a founding member of Spiritual Manhood, as well as the founder of Mission: Fatherhood, a dad’s group dedicated to uplifting new and experienced fathers. These are coming out on Friday’s. Right now Matt is working on a wonderful series that should be exciting and edifying.

We also have plans to release videos in the near future. These will, without a doubt, start out as casual conversations, perhaps the occasional sermon. As we get going though I look forward to them taking on other dimensions as well. We will see what the future has in store. We will also be releasing more prayers, but there is no set schedule on that.

I look forward to this journey with you as we explore Spiritual Manhood together!

God bless.